Why You Shouldn’t Skip On Wearing A Base Layer

For an extended period of time it was always assumed that any kind of base layer that was being worn was in some way a thermal layer.

People used to think that it was strange to be wearing a thermal shirt in the middle of summer.

But the fact of the matter is that some base layers are designed and made to help keep the wearer, if not completely cool then certainly drier than a cotton T-shirt can.

The problem with a cotton shirt is that while it may let air through, it also holds on to any moisture that it comes into contact with. This can become uncomfortable on a warm day and if the wearer is still in the garment as the temperature drops then they can become chilled very quickly.

So the next time you see someone wearing a ‘thermal’ base layer on a hot summers day, it might be safe to assume that they are actually very comfortable in what they are wearing.

But thermal base layers are still very much in existence. When it gets cold there is a huge range of products that are produced to keep the wearer comfortable when worn as a layer to help keep you warm.

Old-fashioned ‘Long-Johns’ have come a very long way from being the items of ridicule that they once were. Thanks to the advances made in the production of fabrics, it is now remain comfortable at temperatures as low as -25ºC. Although being that warm they might just be a little too warm to be used as pyjamas!

Depending on the role you play on site there is an appropriate base layer to help keep you warm, even on the coldest of days. Combined with the right mid layers and required high-vis outer layer there is no reason to be uncomfortable during your time on site.

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