The Importance Of Correct PPE On Site

When on site it seems as though almost everything that can be worn has a PPE equivalent. In a way that makes sense, about the only garment that does not seem to have an EN rating is boxer shorts.
There are a multitude of reasons why so much of what can be worn is listed as Workwear, but the fact is that when you are at work it makes sense to dress appropriately.

It is even possible to have waterproof socks in case the water level happens to be a fraction too high for your boots.

But is it all really worth it?

Yes, of course it is.

The idea of safety clothing is to keep you protected in the workplace and it helps if what you are wearing is as comfortable as possible. It is true that high-vis clothing may never be seen on the catwalks of Pairs or in London fashion week, although it is not unlikely that at some point some designer will choose to include something one day.

However, until that day arrives it is safe to assume that there will always be a truly practical purpose for the rules and regulations that govern what should be worn in any potentially hazardous environment.

It also saves the wearer from the arduous task of trying to decide what to put on every morning and you can keep your ‘normal’ clothes for when you are at home. In a backwards sort of way it is financially more sensible to have to wear site specific clothing as it tends to be harder wearing than any other clothes.

Some companies even have their logo printed, or embroidered, onto the apparel in order to promote their business and make the wearer feel a part of the ‘family.’

All in all life is just a little bit easier when the effort of getting dressed in the morning is reduced to wondering whether or not to wear a waterproof.

That said we are in the UK . . .

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