Why you should consider a hi-vis jacket as an essential piece of safety clothing

Working outdoors brings a plethora of dangers, some you may not have even considered. Consider the people who work near roadways. You’ll notice cars, vans and lorries whizzing past them busy with the day to day. Then there are the impatient drives who like to dodge from lane to lane and usually try pushing the speed limit to get where they’re going two minutes faster. In all its brilliance, the UK has some great whether conditions. These usually range from dull and drizzly to cloudy and overcast. Put the two together and you’ve got the potential for a dangerous situation.

Hi-Vis jackets can make the difference between being seen and not seen. You may take it for granted that people can see you but that’s not always the case. A driver may have failing eye sight or may just happen to get be dazzled by oncoming headlights at the wrong moment. Without hi-vis clothing, the wrong moment is all it takes.

If you do work in a construction environment then it’s usually mandatory you have PPE equipment such as a hi-vis jacket or vest, safety boots and a hard hat. You may not necessarily understand the reason these are a requirement but consider this – operators of heavy equipment tend to have a limited amount of visibility from the driving seat. If you are not easily visible, they may not see you when moving from one work area to another. Couple this with the noise of various pieces of equipment working and you may not see or hear them coming either.

Ways that you can keep yourself safe

Depending on the type of work you are doing, you’ll need different safety equipment. For example, if you are working at height the you’ll need fall arrest equipment or if you are working by water you’ll need floatation equipment. No matter what type of work you’re doing, we can’t stress enough the importance of hi-vis clothing. View our range in our online shop.

The Importance Of Personal Protective Equipment


Personal protective equipment is a very important thing to have on any job. If you do not have this kind of equipment, you could find that there is a huge difference between life and death in the instance of one small accident. It is the kind of gear that is mostly seen on construction sites or places where workers are near the road, but it is also important to have in other industries as well.

Workers may not see the importance of having this gear, but it is something that is needed on the job site to run a good company.

While you may think it is easier to do your job without all of the bulky gear on, that gear can and will often save your life. For instance, if you work construction near a road side, you will want to have the best personal protective equipment to keep you visible to the drivers that are using the road, in order to keep you from getting hit.

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What is a skip net and why would you want one?

skip nets

There are some things in this world that should be easy to write an article about.

As it turns out one of the hardest things to write an article about is an Open Mesh Skip Net. It is a net and we all know what nets look like don’t we?

Well the answer to that is maybe we don’t know quite as much as we thought.

The one being reviewed is the largest available and has been made to cover a fourteen yard skip. This means that it is fifteen feet long by nine feet wide and has been made to fit evenly all the way around the skip.

The outer edge of the skip is obviously made from a larger diameter cord than the main mesh area but in the case of this manufacturer they have gone one step further and used a reinforced selvedge cord, that is between five and seven millimetres in diameter, to add an extra degree of security. In practical terms what this means is that unless it gets damaged it should last for quite some time.

This net has been manufactured to last for quite some despite all the hardships it is likely to be put through during its working existence. Bearing in mind that these nets will be pulled down hard over unforgiving loads containing potentially abrasive edges the maker has done everything within their power to ensure these will last for more than one hard days work.

When it does, eventually, reach a stage where it can no longer safely retain the surface contents of a skip during transit then if there is enough of a surface area surviving intact, and enough ingenuity available, it could always be recycled into a hammock for those rare summer days when there is nothing better to do.

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Planning on working at height? Read these safety tips

Working at height can be potentially dangerous. Falls resulting from working at heights accounts for almost half a million in Europe with 40,000 causing permanent disabilities and 1000 leading to deaths. It is, therefore, imperative to take the necessary safety precaution.

It should be noted that even a few inches drop can result in serious injury. Tasks requiring the use of scaffolding or ladders must be studied very carefully to eliminate the occurrence of possible risks.

The safety tips discussed here will help you to stay safe while working at heights.

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Dropped tools from height can be lethal. Don’t take the risk!


Naturally, construction sites are extremely dangerous. Some of the construction sites are literally in the middle of cities and as such, with very little obstacles separating them from people. Furthermore, at any given time, there is always a person working on the ground parts of the building.

Apart from the injuries and loss of lives caused by falls by workers, dropped tools from heights can also be lethal. What might appear as minor mistakes at these sites can cause major injuries and even loss of lives of the construction workers or even the pedestrians.

Objects and tools falling from heights are a significant safety concern.

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How To Choose The Correct Safety Boots For The Job You Are Doing

safety footwear

Everyone desires comfort while at work and that comfort first comes from the way you protect and cover your body. Whereas the protective gear you wear may vary depending on your occupation, it is almost universal that most technical jobs require safety boots. For that reason, it is important to choose boots that fit and are appropriate for the job you are doing.

Going for the wrong boots may lead to serious injury or even lead to discomfort, calluses and other challenges.

This article seeks to enlighten you on what you should consider while selecting boots for your job to avoid such problems.

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The Benefits of Getting Your Logo Printed On Our Hi-Vis Work Wear

corporate workear

Here at Harcon Supplies, we stock a large range of clothing so that you can have your purchase fast. This gives us a distinct edge over many of our competitors and means you get a much higher quality of service. In addition, we can offer you high quality screen printing or embroidered personalisation on all the garments of clothing we sell. As well as ensuring that our products are up to scratch with all relevant standards, we can provide you with that extra level of service to make us stand out form the crowd.

Here are a few reasons why you may want to personalise you clothing.

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H-Vis clothing – more than a fashion decision

hi-vis workwear jackets

Sometimes it is nice to not have a uniform that has to be worn when you’re going to work. The freedom to add layers to make cold weather comfortable or to strip down to a t-shirt and shorts on the occasional summer day when it gets warm enough is a real bonus.

Even in this age of the “Nanny state” it is not too much of an issue. Okay so site regulations say that appropriate safety clothing should be worn but with the range of hi-vis Workwear available that is never going to be too much of an issue.

Whether you need a lightweight vest or fully lined hi-vis jacket there is something out there to suit the purpose.

You are not likely to win any fashion awards while wearing any hi-vis clothing but what does it matter if it means that you are not going to get run over by a big wagon while on site?

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A look at the Protecta Flexa harness and it’s benefits

protecta harness on a manikin

Working at any height means the purchase of a safety harness.

But with so many out there where is a person supposed to even start looking?

Height safety equipment has got to be good. You really are placing your life within the hands of the manufacturer so it makes sense to not scrimp and save.

Then you come across a full body harness like this and find yourself spending even more time trying to work out how something so well designed and made, let’s not forget that, can be so inexpensive.

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How To Stay Warm And Safe With Our Hi-Vis Workwear

hi-vis workwear

Winter is around the corner, which can only mean one thing. Expect coldness and roads covered with ice or snow not to mention the fog that will decrease visibility. This will increase the number of road accidents that occur since many workers find themselves in conditions where they cannot be seen easily. To increase their safety and their visibility, they are required to wear high visibility clothing made specially so that it can be seen from far away, regardless of the weather conditions. Beyond workers, hi-vis clothing is also great for cyclists and motorists who may find themselves in harm’s way without wearing Hi-Vis clothing.

In winter, not only is safety important but so is warmth. Working with sweaters and cardigans under high visibility clothes is a bit difficult and can become a hindrance. The material scratches the skin and is very uncomfortable to wear. The best way is to make use of high visibility work wear that is designed especially for winters! There are a number of options to choose from according to the needs of an individual. From gloves to shirts to overalls and fleeces, everything is available at   http://www.harconsupplies.com/64-c-hi-vis-clothing.

If it’s just the beginning of the winters and there’s just a chill in the air, it is best to wear a high visibility full sleeved shirt that will prevent the chill from entering your body and not become a hindrance whilst working. The Dickies GORT Long Sleeve Polo (SA2000) is the perfect one, it is warm enough for the beginning of winters and is on a sale with next day delivery!

Gloves are an essential piece of clothing that needs to be worn so that your hands stay warm and dry. High visibility gloves can be worn when on work to add extra safety and the extra warmth that one needs to prevent hands from getting turned into ice popsicles! Gloves available at http://www.harconsupplies.com/64-c-hi-vis-clothing are the most comfortable gloves you’ll ever find. They are warm and yet designed in a way to enhance your hand’s grip and make your work even efficient. Available in a number of high visibility colours, these gloves are both warm and protective!

Many workers prefer having just one piece of clothing on that will give them overall warmth and safety. These workers want to keep even the tiny hint if cold that may creep upon them. The best solution for them are overalls! Overalls cover each and every body part and prevent any chill from coming in. high visibility overalls are both practical and easy to wear. Overalls such as the PortwestTexo Hi-Vis Coverall (TX55) and Portwest Hi-Vis PC Coverall (E042) are perfect for being warm, stylish and being safe! They are on a great discount at the moment and are available in next day delivery as well!

Extra tips to stay warm and safe:

  • Before wearing high visibility gloves, lather your hands with body lotion to them warm.
  • Wear high visibility hats with overalls to give you the ‘overall’ safety and warmth.
  • Always wear high visibility boots with your hi-vis workwear to enhance safety and warmth!

Stay warm and stay safe!

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