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Many many thanks all the good work and help you have given me. My order arrived today. So pleased as they are for my dad. You're a real star. Read more

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Morning Gail I just wanted to say thank you for sending the replacement jacket, very much appreciated. I have recommended you to my railway colleagues and look forward to ordering again very soon. Read more


Lovely Fit

Thank you Gail.My order was received this morning and fits lovely.I am a self employed Professional Photographer and Rail Safety Professional based in Newcastle upon Tyne, I look forward to returning in the near future. Read more

Paul Young

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Thank you for such a top service! Read more


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Hi Gail, Just to let you know, the boots arrived yesterday. Thank you very much for your help and very fast service. Read more

Gemma Collins

Thanks for all your help

Hi Gail Just to say thank you, I received my bodywarmer and it's a perfect fit... Thanks for all your help in doing soon Read more

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Importance of Safety Netting

Workplace safety is a top priority in all establishments. Not only are there rules and regulations that require employers to ensure the safety of their employees at work, but there are many reasons why ensuring safety at work by using safety netting is beneficial. Installing safety nettings at work can minimise and eliminate the risk of personal injury, such as falling objects from shelves, which will reduce the possibility that your company will be involved in costly legal claim. Workers will feel more secure if there are safety nets in high risk areas and they will be able to perform their tasks more efficiently. Also, by providing the necessary safety equipment, workers will feel that they are being treated better and be more productive as a result.

What is a safety net?

There are many types of safety nets including height safety nets - commonly used to prevent people from injuring themselves in the case of an accidentally fall from a distance. Other types of nets can be used to stop objects falling from shelves or stop customers from entering an area where there are likely to be hazards. Safety nets can be used in any field, but there are several industries that are known to rely on safety netting, especially industries involved in constructing or maintenance of buildings as well as those specialising in storage.

Safety nets for warehouse or storeroom

For warehouse or storage room owners, utilisation of various kinds of safety netting is a must. Store rooms are high-risks areas. For efficient storage, most establishments use pallet racks that store heavy objects up to a considerable height. These storage systems may be efficient but are nevertheless prone to accidents. A single accident involving a heavy object falling from a pallet rack’s topmost portion may possibly severely injure an unsuspecting worker. One way to prevent such unnecessary injury is to ensure proper racking in the workplace through the use of pallet nets.

Pallet corner nets are usually installed around the corners of the pallet, an area where employees usually walk throughout the workday. Rack backstops can also be installed to stop the fall of objects from the top of a pallet. Having pallet corner nets and rack backstops will not only ensure the safety of your employees, but it will also help prevent your stock from sustaining damage. Furthermore, safety nets can help your business maintain accurate inventory as falling items can be easily retrieved and accounted for.

How to get the right safety nets

There are a number of suppliers of safety nets, but that does not mean that you should buy cheapest product that you see. Cost may be a big element in buying equipment, but it should never be the controlling factor. You should consider the reputation of the supplier and make sure that they produce reliable products and services. Harcon are a leading company and trusted by many people across the UK.