What is a skip net and why would you want one?

skip nets

There are some things in this world that should be easy to write an article about.

As it turns out one of the hardest things to write an article about is an Open Mesh Skip Net. It is a net and we all know what nets look like don’t we?

Well the answer to that is maybe we don’t know quite as much as we thought.

The one being reviewed is the largest available and has been made to cover a fourteen yard skip. This means that it is fifteen feet long by nine feet wide and has been made to fit evenly all the way around the skip.

The outer edge of the skip is obviously made from a larger diameter cord than the main mesh area but in the case of this manufacturer they have gone one step further and used a reinforced selvedge cord, that is between five and seven millimetres in diameter, to add an extra degree of security. In practical terms what this means is that unless it gets damaged it should last for quite some time.

This net has been manufactured to last for quite some despite all the hardships it is likely to be put through during its working existence. Bearing in mind that these nets will be pulled down hard over unforgiving loads containing potentially abrasive edges the maker has done everything within their power to ensure these will last for more than one hard days work.


When it does, eventually, reach a stage where it can no longer safely retain the surface contents of a skip during transit then if there is enough of a surface area surviving intact, and enough ingenuity available, it could always be recycled into a hammock for those rare summer days when there is nothing better to do.

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