The Importance Of Safety Footwear

Depending upon the environment that you are working in it is sometimes necessary to wear safety footwear.

Some sites do not require a full steel-toed boot but may have sufficient hazards to warrant something with a penetration resistant mid-sole and a composite toecap. The advantage of any safety footwear that uses a composite toecap is a reduction in the overall weight of the item.

Safety shoes and trainers are the ideal choice for this type of workspace as they are both lighter weight and, in general terms more aesthetically pleasing.

That is not to say that they would be everybody’s choice as there are a large number of people that prefer having the protection that both ankle and ‘Rigger’ boots provide. Although wearing a pair of ‘Riggers’ could be considered inappropriate in some environments.

The biggest advantage that ‘Riggers’ have is the ease of fitting and removal. If you keep a pair long enough they could quite literally become armoured slippers. This type of boot earned its name, as they were standard issue safety footwear for workers on off shore oilrigs in the North Sea.

As mentioned above, there are those that prefer the fit of an ankle boot. For some it comes from having the increased support that the lacing and closer fit provides. For those that find that they suffer from cold feet they also offer more warmth that even a fully lined ‘Rigger.’

They also offer a degree of practicality that ‘Riggers’ cannot. Because of the way in which ankle boots support the foot they are better suited to larger sites where it can be required to walk a great deal further, there are a variety of manufacturers that provide hiking style safety boots that provide improved traction, support as well as mid-sole protection and either steel or composite toecaps.

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