Why you should consider a hi-vis jacket as an essential piece of safety clothing

Working outdoors brings a plethora of dangers, some you may not have even considered. Consider the people who work near roadways. You’ll notice cars, vans and lorries whizzing past them busy with the day to day. Then there are the impatient drives who like to dodge from lane to lane and usually try pushing the speed limit to get where they’re going two minutes faster. In all its brilliance, the UK has some great whether conditions. These usually range from dull and drizzly to cloudy and overcast. Put the two together and you’ve got the potential for a dangerous situation.

Hi-Vis jackets can make the difference between being seen and not seen. You may take it for granted that people can see you but that’s not always the case. A driver may have failing eye sight or may just happen to get be dazzled by oncoming headlights at the wrong moment. Without hi-vis clothing, the wrong moment is all it takes.

If you do work in a construction environment then it’s usually mandatory you have PPE equipment such as a hi-vis jacket or vest, safety boots and a hard hat. You may not necessarily understand the reason these are a requirement but consider this – operators of heavy equipment tend to have a limited amount of visibility from the driving seat. If you are not easily visible, they may not see you when moving from one work area to another. Couple this with the noise of various pieces of equipment working and you may not see or hear them coming either.

Ways that you can keep yourself safe

Depending on the type of work you are doing, you’ll need different safety equipment. For example, if you are working at height the you’ll need fall arrest equipment or if you are working by water you’ll need floatation equipment. No matter what type of work you’re doing, we can’t stress enough the importance of hi-vis clothing. View our range in our online shop.

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